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Fall Book Review Part 1

Fall Book Review Part 1

Hi everyone!!!

Fall reading is well under way!! I have a big pile of library books sitting next to me right now and the adrenaline I get picking them up from the library is comparable to being in a candy store.

Here are my thoughts for the first couple of books that I have read so far. I also update my progress on Goodreads.

Daring to Hope

This book was so incredible. Katie Davis Majors graduated from high school about ten years ago to serve in Uganda. She started a sponsorship ministry and over the past ten years adopted over ten girls. This story is about Katie opening up her family’s home to some of the most ill and needy individuals. She cares for them without hesitation and discusses the hardships of continuing to have faith when some of these individuals pass away while in her care. You cannot read this book without being in awe of Katie’s heart to unconditionally serve the Lord, even showing grace to those considered unloveable.

Atomic City Girls

This story is based on the true atomic city, Oak Ridge. The story is told from two perspectives- a Tennessee gal who travels to Oak Ridge in search of getting over a broken heart (fiancé passed away during the war) and also a job. While working at Oak Ridge, she is sworn to absolute secrecy regarding all aspects of her job. However when she falls head over heels for a physics professor, these confidentiality rules are put to the test. We also meet an African American man who is trying to make a living for his family back home. Find out how both characters’ stories come together when a serious secret is revealed!

The Nightingale

This is probably one of the most emotional books I’ve read. This story is about two sisters living in France during WWII. One sister is determined to join the war effort and do whatever she can to aid Nazi-invaded France even if it means risking her life for potentially dying or being captured by the Nazi’s The other sister’s husband is off to war and on two separate occasions must house a ranking German official. Read about the sisters’ struggles during the war and how they dealt with these challenges in the best way they knew how. These book gave me ALL the feels. Very well written.

Ten Thousand Saints

I wasn’t really sure what to think of this book. It honestly was not my favorite and I had trouble getting into it and the ending was a bit abrupt. This story follows the aftermath of a deceased young man who overdosed on drugs. We learn about his family situation and all about his best friend. Most of the characters are into drugs, sex, music, and some religious movement. Has anyone else read this book? I had a hard time with it and it wasn’t my cup of tea.

Weekend at Thrackley

A British classic who-done-it murder novel. I can definitely see how it would be popular during the Golden Age. It was easy to read and I found myself trying to mentally read it using a British accent. Nice little mystery novel!!

The Perfect Couple

This book is definitely a summer book but it was not available at the library until a few weeks ago! I had trouble putting down this book. Elin H does it again! Celeste is about to get married to Benji on Nantucket but tragically finds her maid-of-honor dead the morning of her wedding! This book not only focuses on the death and investigation but how Celeste and Benji met one another (and some other people met each other too). Dark secrets are revealed thus pinning family members against family members. Lots of juicy drama in this book! Great beachy read or for me, a cozy evening read under my covers!

That’s my first round up of fall books! Look for another round of book reviews in a few weeks!!

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