Tuesday Talk: Binge Worthy Shows

Tuesday Talk: Binge Worthy Shows

Hey friends,

I’m linking up with Ashley and Erika for Tuesday Talk where you pick your topic! Here’s what I’ve discussed earlier this year!


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Today is a fairly common topic but I always am curious as to what folks are watching on Netflix or Amazon Prime. I don’t have cable anymore so if it can’t be streamed then I’m out of luck. The exception is This Is Us. I can’t miss that show.

To help you with forming your recommendations, I have created two lists. One list consists of shows I’ve watched and enjoyed. The other list contain series that I’ve watched an episode or two from but either had trouble getting into or need you tell me to give it a second chance.

What I’ve Watched or Am Currently Watching

Everybody Loves Raymond (no longer on Netflix but still good!)


How I Met Your Mother

Call the Midwife


The Office (U.S.)

The Crown

That 70’s Show

24 (It was on at one point but I’ve seen most seasons)

13 Reasons Why- Season 1

Poirot (most seasons)

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

Longmire (most seasons)

Gilmore Girls (currently watching)

Parks and Recreation (currently watching)

Downton Abbey (currently watching)

The Man In the High Castle (currently watching season 3)

Shows I’ve Tried But Abandoned Ship for Whatever Reason

The Marvelous Miss Maisel

Jane the Virgin

The Ranch

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

The Walking Dead

The Good Wife

I would love some suggestions! Please keep in mind that I try to avoid excessive cursing, sexual content, violence, etc. And if it’s SUPER scary, no thank you!!

Thank you to everyone in advance!

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