Friday Favorites 10.19.2018

Friday Favorites 10.19.2018

Hi friends,

It’s time to link up with Erika, Narci, and Andrea for Friday Favorites!!

I am so glad it’s Friday. We have had a ton of rain which happened to occur right when I bought two new living room rugs. Definitely didn’t have to worry about breaking them in!

Here are my favorite odds and ends from this week!

I found this fun rug from the At Home store for only $99! What a bargain! I love funky prints and especially love the colors in this rug. We plan to put our dinner table and chairs on top of the rug.

Tuesday, we celebrated Bosses Day at work. Here’s a fun idea for you all to remember next time (if you have a boss!)! Hobby Lobby has 50% sales and a decent candle selection. Saturday, I went and purchased three that smelled pretty good. They have masculine smelling candles (if that even makes sense) so this would also be appropriate for a male boss. To the best of my ability, I wrapped up the candles with cellophane, curled ribbon, and presented them with a card that said “Work would STINK if you weren’t our boss!” and then appropriately signed the card. These candles were a rich brown color so it also made a great fall gift as well.

I’m on a hunt to find an end table and also a piece of “media” furniture, AKA a place to hold all of our technological junk! Some of the items I found online are pricey which basically tempts me to go garage sale hunting to snag a $10 table and chalk paint it. Almost sounds like a better option! That being said, which ones do you all like???

I’m unsure if it is tall enough but I like the combination of rustic and industrial.

This one is round and looks almost too nice for my taste!

I like how there are glass doors in this media furniture piece but also open shelves to display picture frames and other decor.

Target features this TV stand in several different colors. The finish below gives it a nice, classic look.

On the other hand, I love the raw wood look on this TV stand.

One of my last favorites is….


Somehow I had a feeling they would be making an announcement soon but I’m so thrilled for them! This video has been going around the Internet of them receiving affection from a little Australian boy. Harry is such a good sport to let the little boy mess with his beard! Meghan and Harry will make terrific parents no doubt!

On that sweet note, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I am going to see family in Houston so my next Crocktober Fest recipe will come later in the week!

14 thoughts on “Friday Favorites 10.19.2018”

  • Love the rug and I think you can find a piece to paint, we have furniture consignment stores here, too. That might be an option. Love the candle idea!

  • You should definitely look for stuff at a garage sale for your table! I like the media on that had doors and shelves. I’ve even seen some people buy something similar at a garage sale or consignment shop and then paint it or frost the glass to get the look they want.

    The video of that little boy with Harry and Meghan is so cute!! Can’t wait for their royal baby

  • Great find on the rug!!! I really like the last TV stand but totally agree that you can probably find something second hand too & paint it to be what you’re looking for. If I have the time & patience I’ll wait to find the right piece at the right price & paint it but sometimes I just want to buy something & be done with it too lol.

  • I think your rug is lovely – and I do love both tables but I think you are drawn to the rustic – industrial one more? It is really lovely! So sweet of you all to get your bosses gifts (a boss life is a hard one hahah) – they must have been over the moon (and good bosses too, to get the gifts!). I love watching the Sussexes and their travels and progress – they are really taking advantage of being able to be more informal, and it is lovely to see. Harry is so down to earth ( you hear this as well from friends who have been friends of his etc), and she is made for the role. Can’t wait to follow the pregnancy! J xx

    • Thanks Joanne! I am a rustic fan LOL
      I love watching Harry and Meghan together. They are a natural with the crowds and know how to charm the hearts of the littles!!

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