Costco Favorites

Costco Favorites

Hi friends,

I just got into town last night so my recipe post will come later this week. Though I’ll give more of a weekly recap later this week, I wanted to share a few new Costco products!

This weekend was the grand opening of a Costco within ten minutes of my family’s home.  We decided to brave the crowds and head out! 

Everyone is signing up for a membership!

These car jump starters have been my life saver over the past week. They are portable and you don’t need another car to help jump start your battery! This would be a great Christmas gift idea for anyone with a car, a college student, or a new driver.

Jumbo sized teddies? Maybe I should have purchased a few of these instead of our couches!

We saw lots of treasures in the book section. Crochet your own Star Wars characters, animals, ponies, or princesses!

Lots of popular book collections. Did you read any of these as a child?

It’s never too early to teach the tiniest Texans their ABCs and 123s in true Texas style.

Harry Potter illustrated collections were also among our finds.

This very modern play kitchen caught my eye. 

Silver editions of classic board games and games for HP and Game Of Thrones fans were stacked up! 

Now for the good stuff. Tons of samples!

Moist pumpkin bread mix was transformed into delicious pancakes! 

Protein bars that taste like brownies and cookie dough? You’ve won me over. Tasted good too!

This cup of joe was wonderful even without any creamer. Once y’all are tired of the pumpkin spice lattes, try a pack of this delicious wintery blend! 

Shay loves this quiche! Easy to heat up in the microwave!

Here’s where I lost all self-control. THIS BREAD!!!! I normally do not eat bread but since decent gluten free bread is hard to come by, I had to indulge! I’m totally making these for a Christmas event! Perfect appetizers! 

Ring in the New Year with this delicious sparkling juice. We have had it also with Thanksgiving dinner and it’s just as delicious when chilled! 

Every year, my in-laws have a tin of these cookies out at Christmas. The variety is quite impressive!

Fleece blankets are the way to my heart! I shamelessly hoard them!

Birthday sheet cake for the win! Costco has many sheet cake designs- all for a very reasonable price!

Chocolates of the world? All of these flavors sound amazing to me! 

These granola bars looked intriguing.

After perusing down ever aisle and getting all our steps in, my family celebrated with a little lunch! A grand opening success!

What are your current favorites at Costco??

Forever a Costco Fan,

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