Friday Favorites 10.26.2018

Friday Favorites 10.26.2018

Hi friends,

I’m linking up with  Erika, Narci, and Andrea for Friday Favorites!! Sorry I keep delaying but I will post my recipe on Monday. Life got a little crazy for me this week. I’ll explain soon once things calm down a bit!

Over the weekend, I traveled to Houston with my brother and sister-in-law to see family.  

Friday evening, rains accompanied us on our drive there. We stopped halfway at a gas station which has a BBQ restaurant with a combined store featuring lots of neat little knick knacks. While I stretched my legs, I snapped a couple of photos.

They had Christmas decorations out and lots of ornaments adorning the trees. I think it’s neat when you see trees decorated in different styles. It gives me ideas! 

Ruby slippers piled high in these wire baskets caught my eye. Several styles and colors are available on Amazon’s website.

Upon arriving to Houston, guacamole and chips awaited me! After eating my share, I bedded down for the night. 

Saturday morning, Mom and I scouted out a few garage sales. I was looking for a possible end table or coffee table that I could refinish but no contenders were to be found. Afterwards, we stopped by a local business to pick up some gluten free cupcakes. They were delicious not to mention sugar free too! 

This place hosts birthday parties and other events where you can learn to make different types of foods, make dinners to go, or even have friendly food-based competitions! The farmhouse style decor was really cool and I especially enjoyed the open displays of the kitchen necessities and appliances. 

Once we picked up the cupcakes, it was time for the highlight of my day!! This past weekend was the grand opening of a Costco within ten minutes near my family’s home.  We decided to brave the crowds and head out! I shared details of my newest finds on Monday in this post. 

After Costco, Mom and I spent some time catching up on shows on her DVR. We love watching OutDaughtered on TLC because the family lives pretty close to my parents’ house. Fun fact, I attended prom with one of Adam Busby’s friends! That’s the closest I’ll ever get to a celebrity encounter!

Mom made chili for dinner and a special pasta dish for me that she recently invented. I’ll make it for you all sometime but it featured Trader Joe’s bruschetta and pesto sauces. The finished sauce is pictured here but we poured it over some cooked gluten-free penne pasta. Very delicious!

Sunday, we attended church and a family birthday event across town. This pillow belongs to my cousin and I have always thought it was so neat. Apparently you can order these types of pillows for your state too! The amount of detailing is incredible!

I got back late Sunday night and hit the ground running Monday morning. Thought this week was quite busy and I am imagine next week will be the same, I was blessed to observe this sunset on Monday evening.

I’ll leave that with you! Have a great weekend!

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