Friday Favorites 11.30.2018

Friday Favorites 11.30.2018

It’s Friday and the last day of November! Yahoo!!!

Time to link up  Erika, Narci, and Andrea for Friday Favorites!

I thought I would share a recap of my Thanksgiving break with you all 🙂

The weekend prior to Thanksgiving, my parents and grandparents decided to take a road trip to DFW for my mom’s birthday. My family has been wanting to eat at my restaurant as the locations are only in DFW. Unfortunately for my mom, we go pretty hard on birthdays 🙂

We also had our Christmas pictures completed courtesy of my mother-in-law. She has taken our pictures the last couple of years. These are my favorite!

Monday through Wednesday, I was off work from my primary job. I worked on cleaning the house, catching up on chores, taking naps, and watching Christmas movies 🙂 Tuesday evening, I also worked a dinner shift at my second job.

Wednesday evening, we left for Houston and enjoyed Thanksgiving lunch with my family on Thursday. It was great to spend this special time with my family. While Mom and I shopped at Michael’s and Target Thursday evening, Dad and Shay decided to polish off the remainder of the pumpkin pie.

Friday morning, Mom and I were at Home Depot at 6:00 AM to stock up on 99 cent poinsettias. Though the line was initially long to enter the store, we had a good plan in place to get the plants. A very smooth 20 minute trip!

Afterwards, we needed some caffeine and went to Starbucks. For the first time ever, my drink was given away to someone! And there wasn’t even a line! Hope they enjoyed my hazelnut latte with almond milk!

I was very hungry and caved for some egg white bites with roasted pepper. They were delicious! We went to Kohl’s afterward and it was nice and quiet!

We picked up the rest of my family after Kohl’s and headed out to Kirklands, Stein Mart, and Bed, Bath, and Beyond. As I waited in line to check out at Kirklands and this leash holder caught my eye. I’m sorry but the hook is located in the most unfortunate location…

After lunch, we headed out to Costco. Would anyone actually buy this life-size wine glass?? I attempted to lift the glass and it was SO heavy!

My favorite purchase: a heated blanket for less than $25. They have larger versions but I just purchased this to drape over my lap while I’m at work.

Friday evening, we went to see Creed II. It was very good and I caught myself throwing air-punches. Anyone else do that??

Saturday morning, I shopped with my parents before leaving in the afternoon with Shay and the dogs. We decided to put up the Christmas tree once we returned, however some rats in our shed decided to make a home in it. So it was ruined… We quickly ran out to Michael’s and purchased a new 7 foot tree for $89. Crisis averted.

Sunday morning was a day of work and then the rest of the week was back to the grind…

However, there were some surprises along the way! One of my co-workers enjoys arts and crafts and we are blessed with a little special something to celebrate each of the seasons. For Christmas, she made these little elves with each of our pictures on them! Shan on the Shelf!

She also created this awesome nativity scene from pegs and an old cigar box! Genius!

To conclude my Friday Favorites post, I thought I share something that my cousin shared on Facebook. Don’t you just love Mr. Rogers??

I hope you all have a restful and blessed weekend!

13 thoughts on “Friday Favorites 11.30.2018”

  • The leash holder is so unfortunate! How did no one see the placement of that and question it?

    I’ve seen that wineglass at Costco so many times and I love it lol. If I had a bar area in my home, I would 100% purchase that giant wineglass to collect corks.

    • I know! I was a bit shocked. Collecting corks makes sense. I honestly thought people would drink out of it but you’d need quite a long straw.

  • Oh my goodness that leash holder LOL!!! Bummer on the rats in your Christmas tree but thank goodness you were able to remedy the situation quick & easy 😉 Love that Christmas pic with the dogs in scarves & that Mr. Rogers quote. Happy Friday Shannon! 🙂

  • Sounds like a great week… I LOVE your family photos – all of you are so photogenic! I wanted that leash holder for my house, until I saw the hook… er, maybe not. And that wine glass… cute/whimsical, but we live in earthquake country. Happy Friday!

  • Love this, Shan!! I love your outfit & you are stunning, girl! What a fun thanksgiving. I’ve never had those egg whites from Starbucks, but they look yummy! Love the quote from Mr. Rogers. Thanks for sharing <3

  • Ok I now have visions of you at Creed II punching randomly in the air – hahah! C really wants to see it – do you think it is 12-friendly? 6am at the supermarket – wow – you are committed! That is a great price though – they are about £8 here. No wonder you went for coffee afterwards – the hazelnut latte sounds lovely – I hadn’t come across that here yet. I have NO IDEA who Mr Rogers is – you must tell me. BTW your dogs are HUGE! J xx

    • There is some cursing and at the beginning, there is an intimate scene (nothing is shown but there is heavy kisses and sex is implied). And the boxing of course can get pretty violent and bloody. He might be able to handle it if he has seen other movies with violence.

      Mr. Rogers is the main character on an old children’s TV show- Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. He teaches lots of children’s lessons including social skills. He’s probably one of the biggest advocates for children out there! One of my favorite shows growing up!

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