Friday Favorites 12.07.2018

Friday Favorites 12.07.2018

Hi friends,

Thank goodness it is Friday and that much closer to Christmas. I’m linking up today with Erika, Narci, and Andrea for Friday Favorites!

I have two favorites from this week but they are mainly on a sentimental note.

My first favorite is heartwarming: watching Americans of all political affiliations unite in light of President George H.W. Bush’s passing and also Bob Dole saluting President Bush’s casket. I also viewed the state funeral and how incredibly moving it was… Like myself, President Bush was a Texan which makes it an even more bittersweet loss. He and his wife, Barbara had extraordinary class which is quite valued and rare in today’s day and age. RIP 41.

My next favorite is something I have been wanting to share with my readers for a long time. We finally have been able to put our house back together and these frames were the first pieces of wall art in our living room.

These frames were a special gift from Mrs. Teresa, very close family friend at my wedding shower. I had seen these frames in her kitchen a number of years ago and thought it was a very sweet piece of memorabilia. There’s something special about having notes or recipes written in a loved one’s handwriting.

I ugly cried when I received this gift particularly because one of my late grandmother’s recipes was among the collection. My grandmother passed two years prior to our wedding and it was tough knowing she would not be in attendance.

Altogether I received nine different frames, two of which contain my favorite recipe and a picture of Shay and I. Of course you can choose how many frames you want based on how many recipes/pictures you are wanting to display.

Here are my recipes and the associated cook/family member:

Top row:
My late grandmother, jalapeño cornbread
Shay’s grandmother, puppy chow
My mother, chicken sopa casserole

Middle row:
Shay’s late grandmother, homemade pie crust
Shay’s late great grandparents, lacy ginger cookies
Shay and I: beef enchiladas

Bottom row:
Shay’s mother: homemade fresh marinara sauce
Grand B, my grandmother: fudge
Shay and I: beef stroganoff

The beauty of this collection is selecting the mats and frames in any style that you would like. I have a lot of colorful “fiesta” type of dishes and the colors Mrs. Teresa chose perfectly complemented my dishes. Mrs. Teresa has her photos and recipes displayed in black frames with clear glass which is a beautiful timeless look.

In my honest opinion, this would be the wedding gift of all gifts. Cooking brings people together and seeing family favorite recipes from each side of the family further knits us closer.

I hope you all have a blessed and restful weekend.

18 days left until Christmas!

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