Winter Book Review

Winter Book Review

Hi everyone,

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I have a fun Christmas treat recipe coming tomorrow. I made it Sunday evening so I didn’t get a chance to photograph with outdoor light. I had trouble finding a good Christmas “funny” to share with you so here’s another picture of us and the dogs. Dogs will always prevail 🙂

My reading has been severely neglected since starting my second job. Though I continue to read, it takes me much longer and I find I’m constantly renewing books at the library. However with the upcoming winter break, I am hoping to find some extra time to dig into some big books. 

This round of books brought all the feels for me: lots of broken hearts, families divided, and sudden tragedies. I feel my next round of books need to be on a more light note! 

As you may guess, there is a literal fire taking place in this story. But also different kinds of fires, metaphorically speaking. This story follows a well-to-do family who rents out a home to Mia, a single mom with a teenage daughter. The children of this wealthy family become close to Mia and Pearl. The mother of those children begins prying into Mia’s past and things become quite messy when both women become involved with an adoption scandal with mutual friends and also when the mother learns about Mia’s past prior to her giving birth to Pearl. It’s quite an emotional read at times because you’re dealing with challenges related to adoption, drama, and unusual family dynamics. I did enjoy this book though!

What a great read! At times, I honestly could not believe everything in this story was in fact real! J.D.’s memoir details growing up in Ohio and being surrounded by poverty, domestic abuse, and substance abuse in close family members. Despite all of this, J.D. is able to graduate from college and then attend Yale Law School. J.D. not only recounts his past and how it affected his future but also drives home some political thoughts. Are people’s actions justifiable by their culture and upbringing? Who is ultimately to blame? He provides his own commentary regarding these issues. Very insightful.

Reading this book felt like reading several chick flicks into one because so many elements were familiar. If you like chick-flicks or raunchy love stories, here’s one for you! I didn’t fully realize it at the time but this book is quite PG-13 and borderline R-rated. Girl meets guy in a stuck elevator and agrees on the spot to be his wedding date. They continue to hook up afterwards and try to figure out the future of their “relationship.” Quite predictable if you ask me… 

A very heartbreaking read but very well written. We follow two points of view in this story. First we have Avery, a privileged woman with her own career who runs into a woman at a nursery home. This sudden encounter makes her question things from her family’s past and she sets out to unravel a big mystery. We also follow the story of Rinn who winds up in a Tennessee home for children along with her siblings. Rinn’s story is beyond upsetting and we learn about the horrendous treatment she endured while in the home. Find out how Rinn and Avery’s lives come together.

The events of 9/11 bring Lucy and Gabe together while at Columbia University. As seniors, they are setting out on new purposeful careers while trying to figure out their relationship. Gabe’s prospective career sends him overseas a majority of the time, leaving Lucy in the States. Lucy and Gabe have encounters over the next 13 years and things become beyond complicated as Lucy does in fact marry someone else and start her own life. I kind of saw the ending coming but it is still emotional nonetheless. I actually read this book while Shay drove us back from Houston after Thanksgiving. I’m so glad he drove because I definitely couldn’t put this book down until the very end. 

This title is almost too good for this book. We follow the stories of several women with children attending elementary school in Australia. One boy is accused of bullying another classmate and things get complicated from there. Lots of lies, gossip, and false speculation. Learning about the background and troubles at home (ex: domestic abuse, step-family drama, etc.) fuels the fire and ultimately leads us up to the fateful events occurring at a school function. I really did enjoy this book but there are some rather disturbing parts especially related to domestic violence.

That’s all I have so far this winter but I hope to have more to share soon! I love all of your book recommendations and have been frequently adding new titles to my Goodreads list. 

Nearly 2 weeks until Christmas!

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