Costco Haul

Costco Haul

Howdy friends, I thought I would share some of my recent purchases from Costco! Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products lately!

I purchased a package of these Mango Pops. They were really good! The pops reminded me of eating a Larabar. If you’re a Larabar fan, you may enjoy these.

Usually I grab a box of this vanilla flavored almond milk HOWEVER Kirkland has their own regular almond milk and the price was better for a whole case of the regular milk. Going to give the plain milk a try!

Unfortunately this granola is not gluten-free but I sampled it recently and oh my goodness!!! Talk about a lemon taste explosion in your mouth. Excellent! Try some with vanilla yogurt!!

Avocado chunks in the frozen section?! This was a first for me. The concept seems ingenious but yet I was hesistant. If anyone has tried these, let me know! I’m curious about the texture and flavor!

We’ve been using these dish pods for our dishwasher and have been generally satisfied. The price is really good- just ten bucks!

Cat recently shared a sponsored post about Garden Lite Muffins. They are gluten-free and full of veggies! Costco had a twelve pack and I’m really excited to try these for lunch one day this week.

Best roasted potatoes I’ve had (other than homemade!) The potatoes are roasted in avocado oil and are seasoned to perfection. Do yourself a favor and buy a package of these!

Being the guacamole connoisseur I am, these guacamole singles have been hitting the spot for me! I pack them in lunches or eat them with a few chips when I come home late from my second job. Guilt free!

Sorry the pic is really big!

These salsas are among our favorite!

That’s about all I have from this trip! I hope to share another Costco haul with you soon!

12 thoughts on “Costco Haul”

  • The frozen avocado is intriguing! We use those dishwasher pods too. I’m excited to buy the potato’s and they have a new street taco meal kit! I’ve been on a spending diet and haven’t been to Costco since Christmas, but will need to go soon!

  • We’ve been using the Kirklands dishwasher pods for a couple of months and noticed a soap residue buildup on the door gasket that resulted in the dishwasher leaking out onto the floor. I wiped the gasket down with a wet rag removing most of the residue and the dishwasher stopped leaking. It seemed like the soap in the dishwasher pods was not dissolving completely and was getting deposited on the gasket. Keep an eye on this if you use the Kirkland pods.

  • Aw thanks for the mention! I love seeing everyone’s Costco finds. We don’t have one near us but if we did I think we would have to join because it seems like they have the best stuff!

  • All these finds are so fun! Frozen avocado chunks??! Okay, I neeed to hear how that goes if you ended up getting them, I’m curious too! Thanks for sharing such fun finds, girl!

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