Friday Favorites 01.25.2019

Friday Favorites 01.25.2019

Hi everyone, I hope you have had a fantastic week! I thought I would share a recap of last weekend and some of this week too! 

Last Saturday, we woke up bright and early and headed to Houston to celebrate my dad’s birthday. Once we arrived, some guacamole and chips were waiting for me! 

What a beautiful welcoming committee 🙂

Shay and I snuck off to get some balloons for my dad’s birthday dinner. We started out with a dozen but somehow ended up with 9. As you can see, the wind was quite strong! 

Dinner was at Spaghetti Western Italian Cafe which I highly recommend if you’re ever in the Houston area. Since the marathon was the following day, there was a running group seated near our table getting their carb-loading on. One of the runners graciously offered to take our picture!

Ok let’s talk food! Going in, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to eat anything but to my surprise, they had gluten free penne pasta and cauliflower pizza crust. I ended up ordering their veggie pasta and it was marvelous! 

My sister-in-law ordered a calzone filled with chicken and spinach. 

Shay and my brother each ordered “The Bad” pizza (they also had “The Good” and “The Ugly”).

Mom ordered a shrimp pesto pasta.

I can’t remember what this was but it looked delicious! 

This was the Spaghetti Western’s version of a “formal” pasta, hence the sophisticated bow tie pasta 🙂

My aunt ordered this humongous crab cake stuffed in a portobello mushroom over a bed of orzo.

Funny story- my phone was passed around the table so folks could take pictures of their meals. Unfortunately my phone was dropped and it face planted right into someone’s creamy pasta dish. Here is the action shot:

Birthday cake was from Costco and a family friend provided these fun napkins and plates! I snuck a little bit of icing because why not?

Sunday, we attended Sunday School and worship. I found the topic for Sunday School to be quite interesting. 

My grandpa has been under the weather so we ordered Jason’s Deli online for everyone and picked up the order after church. Here’s what lunch for 8 looks like! 

Funny enough, I went to Jason’s on Friday and ordered the same thing (black bean taco salad) but I forgot to order the lighter version as well as little to no cheese. Still delicious! 

We drove back Sunday afternoon and I enjoyed some popcorn (compliments of my grandmother) while starting Class Mom. Such an amusing book! 

Stetson tried to inch towards the front of the car for a little love. Poor boy was worn out from seeing his friends 🙂

We came home and I made a GF grilled cheese and tomato sandwich. Y’all, I don’t know what it is but I’ve been on a cheese craze the last few days! This combination is very tasty.

Monday, we were off from work so I ran some errands: Trader Joe’s, Costco, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, and to a place to donate our clothes. I spent a good bit of time organizing my drawers and attempted to fold my shirts in the Kon-Marie fashion. I do love being able to see what all I have and it’s great that I can open and shut the drawer with ease! 

Didn’t realize how many dark shirts I own…

For dinner, I had another grilled cheese and tomato sandwich with some grapes and baked butternut squash. Shay enjoyed Beef Stroganoff made in the Instant Pot. I highly recommend this recipe! I made some changes to the recipe but they turned out great. 

I also made a variation of this Mexican casserole for myself (omitted meat).

This week, I tried to follow Amy’s wardrobe challenge. Amy blogs at and I was featured on her Wednesday post for following last week’s outfit challenge! Amy, you have saved me lots of time in the mornings!

Monday– I wore my “puttering around clothes” to run errands (which also meant 2nd day hair and no makeup). Nothing really to see here LOL

Tuesday– black and white stripes 

Cardiga: Target, Striped Dress: Old Navy, Scarf: Sam Moon

Wednesday– leopard

Oversized cardigan: boutique in Houston, Purple Sweater: Costco, Necklace: Kendra Scott

Thursday– cardigan

Cardigan: Target, Dress:, Necklace: Kendra Scott

Friday– jeans. Since that is today, I’ll show that next week 🙂

If you made it this far, I hope you all have a great weekend!

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10 thoughts on “Friday Favorites 01.25.2019”

  • You look so cute! I realized I need more leopard. I o Ky have two things and that’s not enough! Ha! Looks like a fun weekend and celebration! You were very productive Monday, too. Happy weekend!

  • Everyone’s dinner from the Italian Cafe looks delicious!! I’ve noticed a lot of Italian restaurants are starting to offer gluten free options which I think is fantastic. We were at a restaurant in downtown Princeton a few months ago and they had an entirely separate gluten free menu. Have a great weekend!

    • Oh nice! I’m so thankful more Italian places are offering GF options or at the very least, gluten free noodles. Have a great weekend!

  • you seriously always have the best food.. and picture after picture after picture of pasta was just making my stomach rumble! what a fun time! also, love your outfits!

  • Such lovely outfit photos! And the week’s food, wow. The padta restaurant looks fab! So nice that they put so many fresh vegetables in the pasta, dome pkaces really skimp. I am trying to be more veggie at the moment, so will be hoping for dome indpiration from your site! Happy Bday to your Dad, so sweet with all the balloons! J x

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