My Loves

My Loves

Hi friends,

I am really excited to link up with Jen and Jenna today! Today I’m sharing my “loves” with you: humans, fur babies, etc!

My Hubby


We met in college.

Our engagement anniversary is New Year’s Eve 2013, three years to the day after giving me a promise ring

We love going to Costco together.

Shelbie Girl

Like her daddy, she is not a morning person. She will moan if I try to make her get up to go potty.

She does not like getting dressed up or wearing clothes.

We tried to teach her to play catch. Shelbie instead will steal the ball and play keep-away with Stetson.

Stetson Boy

Stetson loves little dogs, especially my parents’ miniature schnauzers.

He could play fetch for hours.

Stetson loves to sit outside and stare at the trees without moving an inch. Such intense concentration!

My Family

We love group outings to Costco especially if lunch is included.

As well as enjoying lots of good food!

Besides my people, I have a few of other things I enjoy 🙂 Most of them are food LOL

Reading for days

Avocado toast 🙂

My grandma’s homemade popped popcorn

And most recently, grilled tomato and cheese sandwiches- YUM!

These are just a few of my loves! Thanks Jen and Jenna for letting me link-up today!

5 thoughts on “My Loves”

  • I love that as a fun fact you put that you & your husband enjoy going to Costco together – little things like that are my favorite parts of marriage!!! Fun getting to know some of your loves a little more 🙂

  • Shan, I have so much to say…first of all, your dogs are adorable! Second of all, I love the story of your engagement and how it was so close to the promise ring anniversary. I love avocado toast and popcorn. I love the pictures of your family and I loved learning more about your family. Thank you so much for linking up with us!

  • I loved this post! Your love for everything in it really came through. Stetson loves little dogs – that is adorable! He has the most incredible face – and Shelbie too – they seem to have such different characters. Humph would love them. Your avocado toast is making me crave being able to eat outside in summer – I miss eating like that. The smell and taste of in season tomatoes…

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