Friday Favs 02.15.2019

Friday Favs 02.15.2019

Hey friends! Thanks everyone for their kind birthday wishes- I’ll share more about my actual day later on in the month. My faves today are a big conglomerate of photos I should have shared a while ago.

A few Saturday’s ago, Shay and I attended Zest Fest in Irving. He and his parents were among the judges for tasting hot sauces, barbecue sauces, and other “zesty” items. Since I don’t go much hotter than ketchup, I went for the expo and accompanied Shay as he intentionally made his mouth catch fire. He ended up with a couple of hot sauce/salsa bottles as a judging gift. I bought honey and a box of Girl Scout cookies 😉

Loads of hot sauce bottles were available which meant lots of tasting took place!

Buffalo Wild Wings sponsored a hot wing eating contest. Some of the contestants would pour milk over the wings in order to cut the heat but chow down quicker! Gross!

A trip to Pie Five was needed after the expo.

Since it’s been pretty cold, lots of dog snuggles have been taking place. Last week, I had a false alarm for snow. The snow NEVER started. Bah humbug!

On this particular day, we were blessed with gorgeous weather and enjoyed a walk just before the sunset.

Speaking of dogs, found this on Facebook. Our dogs have the life LOL

I’ll post more about my birthday later but the weekend before my birthday, I visited Kendra Scott to purchase these sparkly studs! Out of all the birthday freebies out there, this deal is my favorite: 50% off one item!

We had my in-laws over for dinner last weekend and I made my first cheese board! It was so fun and easy to assemble!

Shay used the smoker for the first time and smoked two chickens. Here’s a shot of one of them.

The following day, I went to the country club/golf course across the street from my church to enjoy a quaint little brunch. This veggie omelet hit the spot as well as the potatoes and fruit!

About once per month, our work hosts a potluck luncheon with varying themes. This month, the theme was “Netflix and Chill” which translated into bringing a dish that represents your favorite movie. Our department provided nachos and popcorn while the rest of us filled in with sides and desserts. Not sure if my movie is still available on Netflix or even Prime (I get them mixed up) but regardless I bought a special type of dessert 🙂

Also present are chocolates from Forrest Gump, Minnie’s chocolate pie, and a KitKat piano 🙂

Well everyone, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! See you all next week!

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