Trader Joe’s Trip

Trader Joe’s Trip

Hi friends and fellow Trader Joe enthusiasts, I thought I would share some of the hits from my most recent Trader Joe’s trip.

Of course, who could say no to grabbing a gorgeous bouquet of flowers?? At their wonderful prices, I grabbed two (see above)!

Along with some grilled sausage, Shay devoured the whole box of this Hatch Chile Mac & Cheese. He claimed it was not spicy but for others, they may taste the “kick.” Remember, he was the judge at a spicy food competition 🙂

The cheese board I made the other day contained several items from Trader Joe’s: crackers, pita chips, pepperoni, hummus, spinach and kale dip, and cheese slices.

Reduced Guilt pita chips were used for dipping and pairing with a cheese slice or cold cut.

Thankfully, I could indulge with these crackers. They were so good!

At first, I was skeptical with this Spinach and Kale dip due to the Greek Yogurt but after several bites, I developed quite a taste! I can see this being a big hit at summer BBQ’s and during other spring holiday events.

I decided to purchase this cheese party tray instead of buying several wedges and cutting them all up. So glad I did this! Great time saver and the flavors were quite savory.

A classic hummus but yet so delicious!

This pepperoni is our go-to for homemade pizzas but also served as a great cold-cut option for our cheese board.

I am going to purchase more of these frozen fried rice packages for Shay. He really enjoyed them.

Shay hasn’t tried it yet but this BBQ sauce called to me as I was shopping 🙂 He approved of the unique combination of flavors.

Trader Joe’s needs to take a hint from Costco and sell these pizzas in a multi-pack!

When I was shopping, this item was being offered as a sample. Normally, I don’t go for such exotic dishes, however this one was an exception! To stretch this dish, I would spoon it over lettuce/spinach leaves or even fold some into a wrap!

I need more ideas for my next trip!!! Comment below to share your TJ favorites!

7 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Trip”

  • Oh I wish that we had a closer Trader Joes than 2 hours away. BOO! I love their salads, their curry chicken salad is to die for. I also love their flowers. I love all of your picks Shan!

  • I see those Gerber Daisies girl! So pretty. I always LOVE seeing people’s TJ hauls. There is always stuff I miss when I go there- I mean how can you try it all?! so many goodies!!! Your cheeseboard looked AWESOME. TJ’s is my favorite place to get cheese & meats because it’s wayyy cheaper than other stores, but still has the variety. I’ll definitely have to try that spinach and kale yogurt dip! YUM! If you like that you might want to try the Tzatziki- it’s soooo yummy! Ahh so many things to add to my list next time I go! Thanks for sharing 

  • I must have totally missed the hatch chile mac and cheese last time I was at TJ’s. It sounds delicious. Also that BBQ sauce looks delicious. TJ’s has so many unique sauce options that you could probably buy a new one every time you stop there.

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