Friday Favorites 03.01.2019

Friday Favorites 03.01.2019

Hi everyone, I am excited to share my Friday Favorites for this week. Mostly it’s all about my birthday! I featured a birthday post on my actual day containing lots of fun and quirky facts about yours truly. Read it here and be enlightened.

For my actual birthday (02/14), typical adult activities commenced meaning work, eating leftovers, and working late. Adulting is tough.

However, my co-workers especially assisted in making my work day tolerable. I have the best team!

Lovely tulip plant

Office decorations complete with my own personal birthday chair

A book bag to carry all of my library finds

Midday, a special delivery arrived from my parents!

Dinner on Valentine’s Day can be cumbersome with all of the love birds and their sweetie pies out for a night out on the town. The stars were in align for us as Shay and I enjoyed a recording breaking 30 minute dinner (from sitting down to getting up). We ate at the same Mexican place where we celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary, El Rancho Grande located near the Fort Worth Stockyards.

I requested for vegetables fajitas (or all the vegetables you have that can be sauteed alongside rice and beans). El Rancho did not disappoint. I had leftovers for two additional meals. For only 11.50, I’m a cheap date.

My family came into town last weekend and we celebrated my birthday together. Due to an understandable fear of Stetson claiming my parents’ hotel room for himself with golden sprinkles, Miss Shelbie enjoyed some one on one time with her humans.

Grand B sported her BOBs quite well this whole weekend.

Sunday lunch was my actual birthday celebration at Devivo Bros Eatery in Keller. We ordered a range of entrees from brunch items, pasta, salads, hamburgers, and fish tacos.

Spaghetti carbonara and a fancy chopped salad
Sausage, peppers, and eggs
Fish tacos
Pasta with marinara sauce
Classic hamburger and fries
Tomato basil soup with grilled cheese/tomato sandwich

We were counting on there being a gluten-free cake option for me but the featured gluten free strawberry cake dessert looked less than appetizing. I love pink but there was too much pink! I did have their gluten-free monster cookie and it was so good! Others shared huge wedges of cake.

I received some really neat presents from all of my family 🙂

After eating, we went to see Tim Tebow’s movie Run the Race. It was so good but bring your tissues. You may wish to forego makeup prior to your movie outing.

After the movie, the Oscars were on. Half of this movies I have never heard of. I don’t care what Lady Gaga says. Her and Bradley Cooper looked pretty cozy on that piano bench…

On that note I’m gonna end today’s post! LOL

Looking forward to what March has to bring!

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10 thoughts on “Friday Favorites 03.01.2019”

  • Working on your birthday is never really fun but it sounds like your co-workers did a great job of celebrating you. I’m all about a cheap date and they usually end up being the most filling and enjoyable. I’m glad you had a good time with your celebrations! Have a great weekend! Sierra Beautifully Candid

  • Always look forward to your favorites! So sorry you had to work on your bday—but so sweet how your coworkers showed you so much love!! Love that bag & sooo many beautiful flowers in this post! That Mexican food is making my mouth water – my husband and I have been craving it lately. Mmmm mm! Devivo Bros is one of our favorite spots in Keller!!! Sooo good! Oh my gosh that cake…… excuse me while I wipe away drool… YUM. Glad you had a great bday despite the work load. Sending you a big ole’ bday hug!

    • That’s ok 🙂 They made it bearable. I’m glad to hear you’ve been to Devivo!!!! Gives you a reason to come back to our neck of the woods 🙂 Thanks Mackenzie!!

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