February Book Review

February Book Review

Hi friends! I love book review posts where I can post subtle thoughts about my recent reads 🙂 This month, I read five books and am halfway through a sixth! Follow me here on Goodreads to see what I’ve already read and what lucky books made it onto my waiting list 🙂

In Dreams Forgotten

If you love the Victorian era/Downton Abbey, etc., you may enjoy this book! Things are looking down for Judith. First of all, Judith is madly in love with Clueless Caleb and has asked him to search for her long lost aunt in hopes of a potential reunion. Find out what becomes of Caleb’s search (hint: Judith has some interesting kinfolk) and if he ever catches a hint that Judith is crazy about him.

The Matchmaker

If a month goes by and I haven’t read an Elin Hilderbrand book then something is seriously wrong. This one was so JUICY! Nantucket native Dabney has successfully matched over forty happily married couples. She has this uncanny ability to see “auras” and the aura’s color determines the couple’s potential success. Unfortunately things in Dabney’s life are turned upside down when the father of her grown daughter comes back in town (whom she hasn’t seen since BEFORE the baby was born). Find out how Dabney reacts and copes with this sudden appearance. One of my favorite Elin stories!

The Storyteller’s Secret

My co-worker loaned me this book and I nearly wanted to take a personal day after reading this book. I don’t want to give much away but we follow an Indian-American’s personal journey through marital woes and infertility. As she walks through her struggles, she travels to India to learn about her late grandmother. Such an emotional read and I learned so much about Indian culture through this author (caste system, women’s roles and rights in Indian culture).

A Catered Valentine’s Day

I thought I would try my hand again at murder mysteries where dessert is involved. We follow 2 sisters who own a catering company and have decided to partner up with the widow/owner of a chocolate store for a Valentine’s Day event. Unfortunately, things go sour when their widow’s late husband unexpectedly shows up in someone else’s grave. Eww. These gals have to figure out what really happened to the late husband while planning for the Valentine’s Day event and juggling other aspects of their personal life. The plot was pretty predictable but I think for now I’m going to lay dessert/murder mystery books to rest.

Me Before You

My heart inevitably melted after reading this book. Louisa Clark is hired as a companion/caretaker for Will Traynor who is a sassy and quick-witted quadriplegic. After overhearing his family reveal some very personal information about Will, Louisa sets out to take Will out on many adventures in hopes of boosting his spirits. I really don’t want to say much more but it is a beautiful read with a soul-crushing emotional ending.

What have you been reading this month? Can’t wait to find out!

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