Day In the Life

Day In the Life

Hi everyone, I’m linking up with Jenna and Jen today to share a day in my life. I am probably going to repeat this post again soon so you can see what a typical day is like for me with two jobs.

I documented Monday of this week, a day that I was not working my second job.

My alarm starts going off at 5:44 am with subsequent alarms following every 10 minutes. I caved to the temptation of extra sleep and awoke between 6:10-6:15. At that time, I let Stetson out and grabbed some water for myself. I then completed a new 30 minute cardio workout on YouTube.

After working out, I checked the temperature for the day. Quite a cold one! I also drank some water and almond milk to tie myself over until breakfast. Typically I don’t eat breakfast until I arrive at work.

Since I’m the only one who drinks almond milk, I don’t bother pouring a cup 😉

I put a load of clothes on and packed my lunch and work bags.

Afterwards, I quickly got ready for work, warmed up the car, and bid farewell to my two snoozing pooches and hubby in their warm bed. Meanwhile, I braved the cold… I realize this temperature may be laughable for some of my friends in other parts of the country. This Texas Gal is NOT used to cold temps!

At work, I quickly ate some Cheerios and a fruit bar while answering emails. From the time I was at work to the time I left, I was solidly busy!!

Due to my schedule on this particular day, I didn’t get to eat lunch until around 2:00 pm. I forgot to take a picture but it was a leftover baked potato with veggies from Sunday’s lunch. While I was eating, I noticed my other job’s work schedule was posted and jotted down those times in my planner. Then I realized I should have probably shown you what I wore on this cold Monday. On days where I’m going to be typing a lot on the computer, I will wear my glasses.

Not shown: the heated blanket laying across my lap!

Towards the end of the day, I received a little goody bag surprise. This week happened to be career appreciation week for myself and several other colleagues.

Shay happened to be home when I arrived. He wanted to take a nap but also have dinner with me. So I had a snack.

When he wasn’t awake several hours later (the man naps like nobody’s business), I heated up a quick dinner of vegetarian chili from Trader Joe’s over black bean tamales with a little salad.

The rest of the evening consisted of folding laundry, purchasing a few items from Amazon, finishing a book, writing thank you notes, and snuggling with Stetson.

Somebody became jealous 🙂 However, I woke up her daddy and all was right with the world.

At this point, it was before 10 so I showered, cleaned up, and hit the hay.

This was so fun! I’ll share another Day In the Life: 2 Job Edition soon!

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