Friday Favorites 03.22.2019

Friday Favorites 03.22.2019

Hi friends,

I shared a photo preview of my spring break earlier this week and thought I would expand on it today! Bear with me friends!

For those who were wondering, I only worked weekends at my second job so it was nice to have 5 whole days completely off from both jobs.

On Tuesday, I took a bus down to Houston. It was a great trip and I got to spend lots of time with my parents and grandparents. Anytime I go to Houston, lots of food is involved along with trips to HEB. I found a couple of new favorite items though!

Mexican hot sauce meets soy sauce!
Purchased this for Grand T. His rating is positive!
Obviously we know I love guacamole but pairing it with these smokehouse crackers is taking my favorite snack to a whole new level.
I’ve gotten these as gifts before 🙂
Springtime dishes are out!
Butterfly and bluebonnet prints

On Wednesday, Dad and I scored tickets to see Santana at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo. Before the concert started around 9:00, we had time to walk around and view the livestock.

Vendors featured a variety of commodities: clothing, shoes, trucks, jewelry, and even mattresses/hot tubs. Those were pretty gross by the end I bet!

My vegetarian heart tried not to get too attached to all of the animals…. This is one of the first years where I felt strange at the rodeo. Seeing all of the animals in pens and seeing other animals being used for the rodeo events (didn’t help that one animal became injured!!) made my heart a bit tender.

This animal actually was injured during the steer wrestling event.
Barrel racing
High school FFA students participated in the Calf Scramble
Basically a certain number of calves are released and the students are challenged with cornering them, roping them, and escorting   dragging them towards the inside of the white square.
I felt bad for some of them.

The rest of my pictures didn’t really turn out but click here for the 411 about some of the most common rodeo events.

Each evening closes out with an hour musical performance. Santana was awesome!

The concerts are always my favorite part. So far I’ve seen Black Eyed Peas (back when they were popular!), Clint Black, Lady Antebellum, The Band Perry, Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, and Blake Shelton.

There was a lovely tribute to President and Mrs. Bush. Still can’t believe they’re both gone 🙁

We got in super late after Santana ended. But Thursday was Pi Day which had me all kinds of excited! This meant HEB had a sale on their pies.

However, I’m more of a pizza pie person myself. I enjoyed a lovely gluten free veggie pizza at Blaze Pizza! Mine is the middle pizza

Italian food coincidentally continued later that evening as Mom and I enjoyed listening to Dad and his jazz band at a local Italian restaurant. This restaurant hosts local artists and even have special dinner/theater productions. I really couldn’t find much to eat but I ordered this caprese appetizer and enjoyed it.

Dad is in the fedora on the far right

During our down time, Mom and I constructed a diaper cake for a friend. I scratched out the name because the shower hasn’t happened yet. However, I will be posting a tutorial in April because I get to make another one soon! They look quite complicated but they are fun to design. Lavender and mint were the nursery colors.

So that’s basically my spring break! Lots of naps, TV time, book reading, and time with Shay and the dogs took up the remaining part of my break.

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5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites 03.22.2019”

  • Glad you had such a good break! All of your food looks amazing. it is hard to see the animals like that. I didn’t even realize the rodeo ended with a concert but that’s so cool! I hope you have a great weekend Sierra Beautifully Candid

  • I love all your pictures. Looking at the picture of the livestock is hard for me, too. When I go to our County Fair, it’s hard for me to go there. Did you know that President Bush had a service dog named Sully H W Bush after Mrs. Bush passed away? After President Bush passed away, the Bush family requested that Sully be re-trained as a facility dog to assist veterans and families at Walter Reed… and he has a new loving family to care for him. His IG is

    Have a great weekend!

  • What a fun break! I love the pictures from the rodeo and the livestock show. That is right up my ally. That baby chick is the cutest thing. Also, I now want pizza! Hahaha! Happy weekend!

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