March Book Review

March Book Review

Hi friends, I’m excited to share my March book review. Reading is a way I practice self-care and exercise my mind. This month I read 6 books, 4 of which were during my spring break. Here are my thoughts:

We meet Kate who has been newly hired as an admissions adviser for a prestigious private school. While she manages multiple high maintenance parents and interviews potential applicants in a most unconventional way, Kate’s personal life is in shambles after a break up. There were several things I enjoyed about this book- the humor, the personalities of several helicopter parents, and the extremes some hysterical parents went to in order to secure a spot for their child. It was a simple read so if you’re looking for something light, then this may fit the bill.

This was my second book of Kristin Hannah’s to read following The Nightingale. Thirteen year old Leni and her parents relocate to Alaska from Seattle in the 1970s and start from the ground up in a very small, remote down. Her dad struggles with alcoholism, PTSD (Vietnam veteran), and the relationship between her parents in general is quite disorderly/dysfunctional. Leni and her family learn to survive in Alaska with the aid of several neighbors, including a young boy who befriends Leni. Find out how they survive harsh Alaskan winters as well as each other… Excellent read and quite a page turner!

This was a very interesting read. Lyla and Finch’s families are affected by a very scandalous photograph taken of Lyla at a high school party. The fallout of this event turns into the blaming game but you eventually learn the responsible person(s). The ending fell short for me and wasn’t well developed but the book did keep me well engaged.

Another scandalous story of a high school party gone terribly wrong. Hannah is celebrating her sweet 16 with friends but it soon goes sour. Drugs, alcohol, and a serious injury lead to Hannah’s parents being involved in a THREE MILLION DOLLAR lawsuit by the injured friends’ family. Unfortunately for Hannah and her family, ugly truths are uncovered about Hannah, her parents, and that of her friends. Great read but goodness a lot of dirt was uncovered!

This is an oldie of a book but I finally got around to reading The Firm. Mitch McDeere is a recent Ivy league law school grad and accepts an offer from a firm. With the job comes LOTS of perks (personal BMW, interior decorator, law school loans paid off) but the perks don’t quite mask the fact that no one has ever left the firm…alive. Find out what Mitch uncovers about this unusual law firm and whether or not he stays alive 🙂 Very good read!

Another great historical fiction book taking place in Europe. The Alice Network is basically a code name for a group of spies supplying information to sabotage the Germans during the Great War. We learn more about the dangerous roles and duties of one spy, Eve Gardiner. The story switches back between Eve and young, pregnant Charlie St. Cloud in 1947. Charlie is on a search for her young lost cousin and her path collides with Eve. Find out if Charlie finds her cousin and if Eve faces her demons from her days serving as a spy.

I’m fixing to pick up my books for April and am so excited!

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