Making a Diaper Cake

Making a Diaper Cake

Hi friends,

I’m excited to share this how-to tutorial with you all on how to make a diaper cake!

Over the past month, I’ve helped make two cakes for two baby showers. They are a great focal point for a shower as well decor for a baby’s nursery. The video tutorial I initially used for learning can be found here. However, I’ve taken some pictures of how to create a one of a kind diaper cake.

Here’s a breakdown of your supplies

  • About 50-60 diapers (I used size 2 diapers)
  • Bag of rubber bands
  • Ribbon/yarn or something to tie diapers together
  • Wooden base/or cardboard cake base that is about 14 inches in diameter. These are available at craft stores.
  • One empty cardboard paper towel roll
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon by the roll of your choosing. I would select 2-3 varieties, depending on the nursery/shower theme.
  • Miscellaneous items to help decorate each layer: tulle, colored crinkled paper, hair clips, baby items, small figurines, etc.
  • Item to act as a cake topper: large flower, stuffed animal, baby shoes
  • Optional: stickers, card stock paper, unfinished wood slice, or something to write the baby’s name on.

Time saver tip: If you have the time, you may want to roll the diapers one day and assemble the cake the next day. Or you may want to recruit a friend/spouse to help you roll the diapers as well 😉

S T E P O N E: Secure your empty paper towel roll with tape/hot glue in the middle of your cake base.

S T E P T W O: Individually roll diapers and secure with a rubber band. I recommend starting from the open end and tightly rolling towards the closed end of the diaper. It helps make your cake look a lot neater. If you secure the rubber band at least 1/3 of the way up, it’ll help when you secure each layer.

S T E P T H R E E:  Assemble what will be your bottom cake layer. You’ll start by arranging enough diapers to go around the paper towel roll (about 6-7 diapers). Don’t worry if they don’t perfectly stand up as you position them around the roll. Once you tie them, you can make individual adjustments. Tie the ribbon around the middle of the diapers so you slip the rubber bands off more easily.

The ribbon should ride halfway on the diapers. The next picture will give you a better visual.

S T E P F O U R: Place enough diapers to go around the first 6-7 tied diapers (about 15-17). Then take ribbon and secure those diapers. Remove your rubber bands.

You’ll notice that I’m using two different kinds of diapers. They are both size two- I just ran out of one package and had to open another! If this is your case, make sure the outer diapers are all uniform. Save the non-matching diapers for the inner layers.

S T E P F I V E: Place additional diapers to go around the 15-17 (about 20 or so). Secure with the ribbon and take off the rubber bands. This completes your bottom layer.

S T E P S I X:  Start on your second layer. Start with 6-7 diapers just like you did for the start of the base layer. Secure those and remove the rubber bands before taking 15-17 diapers to place around the 6-7. Secure and remove your rubber bands. This will be it for your second layer.

S T E P S E V E N: Conclude your top layer with 6-7 diapers. Secure with the ribbon and remove your rubber bands.

S T E P E I G H T: Wrap each layer with ribbon. You don’t have to use the same color: mix up the color and texture! The nursery colors for the baby girl were lavender and mint so we added shades of soft pink and ivory. The baby boy’s nursery colors were brown/navy blue/grey with a mountain theme so I added some burlap, some green, and a hint of buffalo plaid.

It really looks nice if you have a thick ribbon to act as a base and then use smaller ribbons to layer on top. Secure each cut of ribbon with hot glue. Be careful not to glue anything onto the diapers!

S T E P N I N E:  Consider adding embellishments for each of the layers: crinkled paper, tulle, etc. For the baby girl diaper cake, I added a little hair clip for each of the layers and tulle for the middle layer. I also went back later and added some lace to the cake base since the white cake base was showing.

For the baby boy’s cake, I found these cute woodland creature stickers and stuck them onto cardstock paper. When I cut out the stickers, I cut out a backing so I could secure a small dowel in between the cut-outs. I also added crinkled paper in between to give it a nature feel. I also googled silhouettes of a bear, campfire, and tree and printed them on paper. I placed them with glue around the top and bottom layers. It added a nice little personal touch.

S T E P T E N: Add a topper! We found a large flower at Hobby Lobby to put on top of the baby girl’s cake. For the baby boy’s cake, I bought a fox lovey on Amazon. You can purchase it here.

S T E P E L E V E N:  This is optional but if the parents have revealed the baby’s name, you could somehow incorporate the name into your cake. I layered cardstock paper and wrote the girl baby’s name on that. For the little boy, I found a small unfinished piece of wood and wrote his name in Sharpie.

So there you have it! While these diaper cakes can be time consuming, they are a loving addition for a baby shower or a little one’s nursery. Give it a try! You’ll get the hang of it really quickly!

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