Costco Lately…

Costco Lately…

Hi friends,

I’ve had some technical difficulties with uploading pictures but I’m hoping I’ve ironed out those issues.

The other day, I committed the worst sin: shopping at Costco while hungry!

I found a couple of new items this trip and am excited to share them with you!

Maureen recommended this salsa and I finally got around to purchasing a jar. WOW! One of the best salsas I’ve ever had. I love how the label on the jar states the company is not responsible for developing an obsession LOL!

Beans and rice are one of my favorite foods. I love opening a can of these organic refried beans and plopping them onto a bed of Mexican rice.

When I first sampled madras lentils about a month ago, I was really skeptical. However, I was proven VERY wrong!!! It tastes like regular chili and there’s no curry or any unusual spices! So good! I get about 2-3 meals per pouch but I add cooked brown rice and some chopped tomatoes or bell peppers. This has been a favorite lunch lately!

Costco has good deals on their spices and we really like our Himalayan salt dispenser.

These gluten-free crackers are delicious with hummus and I’ve caught my non-gluten free family members with their hands inside this package 🙂

I purchased a pair of these BOBS wedges and they are SO comfortable!! At only $20, it’s a great deal for spring shoe! You can select black or taupe!

I resisted the urge but these big giant throw pillows were SO cozy and soft!

I purchased this quinoa/kale mixture from the frozen section. I’m curious what it will taste like but I’m thinking I’ll add some sautéed mushrooms and/or shrimp.

Purchasing almond milk in bulk at Costco has been a huge money saver. I love the unsweetened vanilla flavor for my smoothies!

Haven’t had these in a while but they are a treat when I’m at my parents’ home.

Meat-lovers will enjoy this for dinner! The lasagna comes in a pack of two and cooks straight from being frozen; no thawing necessary! Shay really enjoyed it alongside a green salad!

Shay also enjoys chicken fried rice from Costco for a quick dinner.

I have to thank Tillamook for contributing to some of my recent skin problems (I’ve been quite liberal with my dairy intake). I’ll slice a few thin wedges for grilled cheese sandwiches and it’s so much better than the slices of Kraft cheese!

Cat posted about these a while back and I’m so glad she did! I sampled these and holy moly they are delicious! I purchased a package and will be enjoying them for breakfast!

Lastly, Shelbie and Stetson wanted to personally endorse these bull sticks. They are pricey so they are a special weekly treat. They LOVE their bull sticks!

That’s all I have for you all today!

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