April-May Book Review

April-May Book Review

Hi everyone,

I’m hoping I am back to our semi-scheduled programming. Thank you for being patient. I’m officially on summer break with one of my jobs, yay!

I thought I would start back with a small book review of what I have read over the past two months.

My goal for 2019 is to read 66 books. I’m currently on #25 and it’s SO good. Spoiler alert: I’m reading Lie To Me by J.T. Ellison.

I’ve been all about WWII books lately and this one was extremely well written. We follow two stories of a German boy and a French teenaged girl who happens to be blind. The characters eventually collide with strong purpose but the background and plot leading up to this encounter is excellent.

This was the most interesting and comical read. Imagine your sister trying to do everything in her power to prevent you from consummating the marriage on your wedding night. That’s what happened to this newly married couple. Does the couple ever consummate the relationship or was the marriage over before it really even began??

Aside from Elin Hilderbrand and Kristin Hannah, Liane Moriarty is becoming a new favorite author. Alice has a head injury while in gym class and when she regain consciousness, she believes she is ten years younger than her actual age. Little does she know, a lot has happened during that time including a pending divorce and the births of her three children. I really enjoyed this story as it captivated me from the beginning and held my interest throughout the whole book.

We follow American Ella Durran as she travels to Oxford as a Rhodes scholar. Ella develops a relationship with one of her professors but as she grows close to him and learns his huge secret, she must make important decisions regarding her career and aspirations. Great read!

I’m not going to lie. Once I started this book, I discovered this movie was available on Netflix and watched it before I was about a fourth of the way through the book. While the movie helped me sort out the family tree (you’ll be introduced to so many characters) and was SO entertaining, I really thought this was a brilliant read. Rachel Chu accompanies her boyfriend, Nick to Singapore for Nick’s friends’ wedding. Poor Rachel is practically a lamb being led to the slaughter as she has to meet Nick’s whole family/friend network (who are Singapore’s elite). I kept thinking to myself, “Bless her heart!” throughout the whole read because she was really put through the ringer with some of these folks. One of my favorites!!

So that’s what I have for you all today! I’m hoping to do a photo dump of the past few months in an upcoming post. After all, I have to show you all the food I’ve been eating haha!

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