June Book Review

June Book Review

I feel I must pat myself on the back for my reading accomplishments this month. June was kind to me and I read 7 books total! I had a few spare days to catch up on some of books that have been rechecked for the 4th or 5th time. Thank goodness my library employs automatic renewals. Otherwise, I would have another debt to pay off… HERE WE GO!

I’ve really enjoyed hearing about the “untold” or “unsung” heroes of WWII especially how women participated in war resistance efforts. In 1946, a young woman named Grace finds a suitcase containing pictures of women. She sets out to learn more about these women and the part they played during the war. The book flips back and forth between Grace discovering these women’s identities and the stories told from two of the women’s perspectives, Marie and Eleanor. Very captivating read!

This is probably one of my favorite thrillers. Husband Ethan wakes up to find a note from his wife, Sutton stating she is gone and to not bother looking for her. As the police investigate her mysterious disappearance, everything about their personal lives becomes public: fights, the death of their infant son, other marital discretions, etc. Find out what happened to Sutton and if Ethan is responsible for her disappearance.

Another captivating World War II read. In modern day, Cara, a specialist in identifying and pricing valuable antiques uncovers a diary written during World War II. She’s determined to uncover the love story between Louise and Paul and also return the diary to its respectful owner but discovers secrets about their romance. The suspense regarding the fate between Louise and Paul made this a quick read for me! I couldn’t put the book down!

Another great thriller and guess what? A super bad-a** heroine who reminds me of a female Jack Bauer (I’m a big 24 fan). Alice Vega, a jaded bounty hunter is hired by the Brandt family to locate daughters Kylie and Bailey. Kylie and Bailey were reportedly kidnapped while waiting in the car for their mother quickly run into a store to purchase a few items. Follow Vega in her relentless quest to track down the responsible parties for the kidnapping of these poor girls. I also had a hard time putting this book down. I started the book one evening after day and concluded the next day after lunch.

I started this book not realizing this was a book within the Devil Wears Prada series. Definitely explains a lot! If you remember Emily in the actual movie, she plays the hoity toity first assistant to Miranda Priestly, editor in chief of Runway magazine. Emily is now an image consultant to various celebrities and tries to get their lives back on track following scandals or unfortunate lapses in judgement. For this book, her primary focus is on a former supermodel/senator’s wife accused of being an alcoholic. With her friends, Emily tries to help the supermodel reclaim her fame. This books has many laughs and I enjoyed learning about this side of Emily.

This was quite the read!! Grace, Wyatt, and several other ladies are court ordered to participate in a weekly divorce healing group. All of them have something in common: they discovered their spouse was cheating and therefore engaged in some sort of erratic or impulsive. After several sessions believing something is wrong with the group therapist, the attendees start investigating. Additionally, we specifically follow Grace and Wyatt as their marriages unravel in the most disgraceful ways. I spent the first third of the book with my blood pressure gradually rising but had to keep telling myself that things have to get better for Grace and her fellow divorcees! Find out if I was right!

I can’t wait to see what July has in store for me! I picked up some more beach friendly/chick-literature and another thriller or two! I’m always adding new titles to my list! Can’t wait to hear what you all have been reading!

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