All the Food…

All the Food…

Hi friends! My photo uploading issue has been resolved! I like to include some photos with my posts which is why it’s been a little bit!

But that’s ok. I have lots of yummy food pictures so you can see what I’ve been eating over the past few months (including several boxes of the pictured above product!). All that to say, I’ve taken up running again. I think you’ll understand why!

For my brother’s birthday in May, my family enjoyed a delicious seafood lunch in Kemah. Tookie’s Seafood is AMAZING and is a restaurant on stilts 🙂

These catfish fillets were thicker in person!
Shrimp and cheesy pasta!
This is what my dad ordered but I had the vegetables with a few grilled shrimp and they were amazing!

For my brother’s birthday dessert, a red velvet cake was requested. Mom has been following Cakes by Courtney and made this amazing bakery replica:

My favorite “ice cream” dessert is below. Best vegan/gluten free frozen dessert ever!

Despite it being super hot, we still use our Crock Pots and Instant Pots! Making baked potatoes in the Crock Pot is super easy! Stab them with a fork, wrap them in foil, and let them cook on low all day!

One evening, Shay and some friends got to eat Andrea’s Pulled Pork!

Though I love to eat it year round, the black bean taco salad from Jason’s Deli is my favorite lunch!

Shay also grills several nights per week. This is a typical plate for him!

For Shay’s birthday dinner this year, we went to Texas de Brazil. Though it’s a Brazilian steakhouse, they have vegetarian and gluten friendly options. I can always fill my tummy here!

Someone special turned 30 this year 🙂 I made the Pioneer Woman’s big chocolate birthday cake recipe but used a different icing 🙂

That’s basically it for right now! I have other favorites to share with you and can’t wait to do so!

5 thoughts on “All the Food…”

  • I always love seeing what people eat, gives me inspo to change up what I’m eating! That red velvet cake looked SO good and the last cake is super cool too!!!

  • I don’t even know where to begin! All this food looks tremendous! I wish I could reach through the screen and try that shrimp and cheesy pasta- um, YUM! What a yummy looking red velvet cake too- happy birthday to your brother!

    I have to make my potatoes that way! I’m gonna try that next time I buy them. Thanks for the tip! Way easier than making them one by one like I usually do.

    You made that chocolate cake?!? Incredible! You never cease to amaze me! Thanks for sharing, Shan 

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