July Book Review

July Book Review

Hi all!!! Another successful book reading month is in the books (literally!). I selected a bunch of summer themed books and was fairly satisfied by my selection. Let me know in the comments below if you’ve read any of these books! Would love to hear your thoughts. As always, you can follow me on Goodreads. I also have added several pages to my website where you can see what books I’ve read by my favorite authors!

This was a really great Elin read and it was newly released. Obviously it is 1969 and a Nantucket summer-bound family simultaneously the following notable events: the moon landing, Vietnam War, Ted Kennedy Chappaquiddick, civil rights, and even the feminist movement. During their summer family vacation, you’ll read how each of these historical events personally affected each family member. Quite well written and I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

Ashley, Natalie, and Lauren head to Tulum, Mexico as an attempt to reconcile and revive their friendships. During their stay, Ashley mysteriously disappears and it’s up to Lauren and Natalie to piecemeal their memories during the fateful evening of Ashley’s disappearance. We also learn secrets about all three girls which led to the demise of their friendships. This book was a let down for me! I was immediately drawn in but the last part of the book did me in (didn’t tie up some loose ends).

A very quick beach/lake read for me! Emily and Maggie are best friends who spend their summers on Nantucket together. Emily falls for Maggie’s brother Ben, however things become complicated when another man enters the picture. Find out if this man’s presence severs the duo’s longtime friendship. It was a good read however there are some little character mannerisms/decisions that I did not necessarily agree with.

This was quite an interesting read, talk about family dysfunction! Essie has basically the perfect life but a dark secret: she accidentally walked away from her baby in a park. A new neighbor, Isabelle moves into their suburbs and mystery surrounds the identity, occupation, and motives for Isabelle. She and Essie strike up a friendship that is frowned upon by others. Find out why Isabelle really moved into their neighborhood and what other unusual lies/odd phenomenons are embedded within Essie’s own family.

This was quite an emotional read. Elizabeth and Jack Shore experience married woes following marrying when they were young, raising two girls who are now in college, and frequent career changes in Jack. Jack’s frequent career changes over the years have caused disruptions in his family’s lives, including Elizabeth’s. After an unexpected death in the family, Elizabeth decides to stand up for herself and pursue her dreams, including the reawakening of her long lost passion: art. Find out how the Shore family handles Elizabeth’s stand towards independence and if Elizabeth and Jack are done for good.

So many of you have already read this book and fell in love with it. I too really enjoyed this book! Kya resides with her family live out on the marsh, however at a very young age, her family starts to abandon her, one member at a time. Once alone, Kya is left to fend for herself with the help from some local townspeople. While she becomes an expert on her surroundings in the swamp, she struggles with social relating and others difficulties related to her tumultuous past. Throughout the book, there is also an ongoing murder investigation which took place in the swamp. You’ll learn about the Kya’s possible involvement in the murder and how Kya learned to survive all these years in the swap. Excellent read!

After enjoying and binge watching Big Little Lies this summer, I decided it was time to dive into another Liane Moriarty book. This one did not let me down. Three different women are affected by one husband’s secret. I don’t really want to say more than this but as the novel progresses, you’ll figure out how this detrimental secret affects these three women and their families. So good!

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