Shelbie and Stetson’s Best Day Ever

Shelbie and Stetson’s Best Day Ever

On Saturday, our little family ventured to our local water park for a special event. On the last day of the season before the pools and rides are drained, families are invited to bring their fur babes to the water park for a special event!

The water rides obviously aren’t open as it would be too dangerous but our dogs found PLENTY to occupy themselves!

After Stetson was “frisked” (only neutered dogs are allowed in!), we started off in the pool. Stetson jumped right in and immediately started to fetch balls. Shelbie took her time but eventually warmed up to the water.

Stetson decided to “rescue” a tennis ball that landed in the nice water fountain…

Next up, the wave pool! Last year, the waves were not turned off but when we were there, the waves were cranked up!

We decided against the tubes (sharp nails!) but luckily the lazy river’s strong current kept us all afloat and moving in the right direction!

They did a great job and we completed one lap around the lazy river.

This was pretty entertaining- watching all of the dogs go down the slides!

Shelbie definitely was unsure about the slide at first.

With a little encouragement, she finally made her descent!

Shay needed to visit the men’s room. They both followed him right in LOL

Back to the pool for more fetching and swimming.

Poor girl started to tire out.

Stetson was NOT going to let go of the tennis ball.

Stetson found a floating log to rest on!

We couldn’t get him to jump from each float but at least he managed to balance himself on one!

We stayed long enough for me to develop a slight burn on my shoulders however the dogs were pooped out for the rest of the day. We had a great time and are looking forward to next year!

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